August 21 - Supporting the Women Who Fight ISIS; Nothing Is Being Done To End The War in Syria; The Money Race For the Presidency and Congress

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Part 1

We begin with the second anniversary of the attack on the ancient tribe of Yazidis by the Islamic State who still hold thousands of Yazidi women as sex slaves and investigate the role of Masoud Barzani’s political party in Iraqi Kurdistan who are about to receive a massive arms shipment from the United States while blockading the Yazidis who have escaped from ISIS because they are seeking autonomy and democracy as opposed to accepting the corrupt patriarchy that Barzani offers. Meredith Tax, a writer, feminist and political activist joins us to discuss her new book “A Road Unforeseen: Women Fight the Islamic State” and her article in The New York Times “When Women Fight ISIS” and how the U.S. celebrates the Kurdish fighters who are the only boots on the ground who have been effective against ISIS, but turns a blind eye to the corrupt political systems that suppress some of the most progressive and promising political movements in a neighborhood mired in violent theocracy and kleptocratic autocracy.

Part 2

Then with the head of the U.N. in Syria all but giving up on a situation that he describes as being consumed by killing and destruction with no meaningful peace efforts and zero humanitarian convoys getting through to besieged populations, we speak with James Gelvin, a professor of history at UCLA who specializes in present-day Syria and is the author of “The Arab Uprisings: What Everyone Need to Know”. We discuss how the world was recently riveted by the picture of the injured Syrian boy in an ambulance but apart from sympathy for his plight, nothing is being done to stop the death and destruction in Syria.

Part 3

Then finally we speak with Thomas Ferguson, a contributing editor for The Nation and the author of “Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Part Competition and the Logic of Money-Driven Political Systems”. He joins us to discuss the money race that has Clinton ahead of Trump as Republicans fret over losing the Senate, and his new paper at the Institute for New Economic Thinking “How Money Drives U.S. Congressional Elections”.

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