November 2 - Trump's Trickle-Down Tax Plan; The Alt-Right Prepares for a Civil War in America That Starts on Saturday; The Tech Giants Who Allowed Russia to Help Elect Trump

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Part 1

We begin with an analysis of the Trump tax plan hailed today by House Speaker Paul Ryan as “a very important and special moment” for the middle class when it is clear that the main beneficiaries are the super-rich and corporate America.  Pavlina Tcherneva, a professor of Economics and Chair of the Economics Department at Bard College who is a research scholar at the Levy Economics Institute, joins us to discuss the Republican sleight of hand as they do the bidding of their donor class while selling a bill of goods to their voters who will bear the increased burden as they pay more taxes while the debt and deficit explode. We also examine the choice of Jerome Powell as the new Fed Chairman which appears to be an unusually reasonable choice by Trump whose previous picks for high government posts are all hostile to the notion of government itself and are destroying the government departments they head up as they “deconstruct” Steve Bannon’s mythical “administrative state”.


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Part 2

Then finally with a civil war poised to break out in America on Saturday November the 4th, a violent insurrection led by Antifa “super soldiers” out to kill Trump voters, conservatives and gun-owner, all this according to alt-right websites and conspiracy-monger Alex Jones, we speak with Spencer Sunshine, a researcher and activist whose research interests include U.S. white nationalism, post-war fascism, left/right crossover movements, and left wing antisemitism.  He joins us to explore this paranoid fantasy that could have real world consequences since so many right wing gun nuts in the country believe this nonsense. We discuss how a demonstration by Chairman Bob Avakian’s Revolutionary Communist Party that blocked a Los Angles freeway with a sign that said “November 4 it begins”, has morphed into an apocalyptic call for right wing vigilantes to kill leftwing activists trying to spark a civil war.

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Part 3

Then we examine the hearings that took place in the last few days on Capitol Hill in which representatives of Facebook, Google and Twitter were grilled by lawmakers concerned that the tech giants allowed Russian fake news to influence the last election and unless something is done, the Russians will interfere even more with the next election. Jonathan Taplin, the Founder and Director Emeritus of the Innovation Lab at the Annenberg School of Communication at USC and author of “Move Fast and Break Things: How Google, Facebook and Amazon Cornered Culture and Undermined Democracy” joins us along with Marc Rotenberg, the President and Executive Director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, EPIC, in Washington DC.  

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