September 27 - A Theocrat and Dominionist Could Tie Up the US Senate; Could the Alabama Democrat Beat Roy Moore?; The FEC Commissioner Who Warned About Putin Influencing Our Elections

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Part 1

We begin with the U.S. Senate primary election in Alabama that resulted in Judge Roy Moore emerging as the Republican candidate, which raises the possibility an avowed theocrat and Christian dominionist could end up in the United States Senate and grind an already dysfunctional body to a halt, holding up bills and nominees if they do not pass muster with God who is apparently on speaking terms with Roy Moore. Frederick Clarkson, a Senior Fellow at Political Research Associates and the author of “Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy” joins us to discuss Judge Roy Moore’s belief that 9/11 was America’s punishment for Godlessness and how he has defied the constitutional separation of Church and State and the Supreme Court while claiming that Obama is a secret Muslim and parts of the U.S. are under Sharia Law.


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Part 2

Then we look into whether the Democrat who will run against Roy Moore for the senate seat in Alabama in December, a former Federal prosecutor Doug Jones, could pull off an upset victory and speak with political strategist and pollster Zac McCrary, a partner at ALG Research based in Montgomery, Alabama. He served as Communications Director for the Alabama Democratic Party and we will discuss how Alabamans are sick of the state being a joke and will likely vote for the underdog Democrat. They are also weary of political scandals which contributed to Trump’s candidate losing to Moore since Luther Strange was handpicked to fill Jeff Sessions’ seat by the same now-disgraced Governor he was investigating for sexual impropriety with a female employee.

Part 3

Then finally following Trump’s tweet today attacking Facebook after having praised them for helping elect him, we speak with Ann Ravel, a Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley who served on the Federal Election Commission until resigning in 2017. In October of 2015 at a meeting of the FEC she warned, “Think of it, do we want Vladimir Putin or drug cartels to be influencing American elections?”, a warning that led to a Republican FEC commissioner ridiculing her on Fox News which resulted in her receiving death threats.